Orange Safety Windsock



International Orange Windsock

Product Description for the Standard Windsock

Our orange windsocks are made of a high quality, long-lasting international orange nylon cloth. The nylon used is treated to be water repellant and UV resistant. 

Each seam is double-stitched with weather resistant nylon thread. A 400 lb. tensile strength webbing is added in the throat for reinforcement. This increases the durability of the windsock.

The windsock is finished with brass grommets. They are sewn in evenly spaced to allow for lace-on or zip tie method of attachment. Tie wraps are provided with the order.

What Size Windsock Should I Get?

Windsocks are available in all sizes. Not sure what size you need? Contact us to inquire.  

For more answers to questions, please check out our FAQ page.


At The Custom Windsock Company, we are happy to customize your order or help you to amend it to fit your needs. For other sizes or materials, please reach out via the contact us link.