3 Reasons Why your Airstrip Needs a Custom Printed Windsock

February 09, 2023

Custom printed windsock for aviation businesses and heli ports

There are many reasons why someone who owns an aviation business, airstrip or hangar may purchase a custom printed windsock, here are a few:

Custom Printed Windsocks: Get noticed by your clients

If you run a skydiving school, flight school or are  a tour operator, one of the first things a client may look for is a sign of legitimacy or respectability. There is nothing that shows a long standing tradition than a brand. A custom branded windsocks is something that definitely catches the eye and is notices by all those who pass by. When the windsock is custom printed, it shows your company has stood the test of time and is proud of its accomplishments is looking toward a bright future. Having a plain orange or variegated windsock is required for regulator reasons and for safety, but it is  a wasted opportunity to really show your clients who you are and position yourself as an industry leader. 


Printed Windsocks: Bring your Staff Together

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. This is no different for your employees. Whether you run an air hangar, aviation company or helicopter ambulance service, you demand the most out of your employees. Your employees are professionals who are highly capable and proud of what they do. There is no better motivational booster than being part of an organization that performs great work and is proud of who they are. Custom windsocks, flags, jackets and aviation gear all show your employees that they are part of something bigger, something to be proud of and something to show off 


Personalized Windsocks: Stay Safe

What's worse than a torn and tattered windsock? No windsock at all. They are both quite terrible, actually. 

Windsocks may be an afterthought to some, but they are legislated and regulated by authorities for a reason: they keep people safe. It's easy to walk by an empty pole as nothing is reminding you to put a windsock on it. It is also easy to walk by a tattered orange windsock and say to yourself "it still performs it's function". But try walking past a tattered custom printed windsock that bears your company logo and all that it stands for. It would be quite impossible for a proud owner to do this. It's the same reason why we would never let our American flags fade or fray. If you need a bit of encouragement to keep with regulation and have a functioning windsock on site, then a custom printed windsock may be the thing that will keep your site safe at all times

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