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Design and Create Your Custom Printed Knitted Polyester Rodeo Flag

How to Order Your Custom Printed Rodeo Flag

Just choose the method you prefer to make a custom printed rodeo flag with The Custom Windsock Co.

Option 1 - Upload your Art when you order online through the drag and drop option

Option 2 - Contact Us at 1-833-989-0313 to speak to a real person and we will take care of everything!

Option 3: Use one of our provided templates and design your own windsock

    **Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to print unauthorized reproductions of licensed merchandise.

    Custom Rodeo Flag Product Description

    Often, we are asked to create custom rodeo flags so that sponsors can be adequately acknowledged and thanked for their sponsorships. Stampedes or Rodeos frequently start their events with the flying of custom-made rodeo flags around the arena on horseback. The flags are emblazoned with their sponsor's logos.

    We recommend that instead of flying heaver and more costly double-sided sponsor flags, that single-sided flags with special finishing on the right-hand side are made. This way, the sponsor's logos are correctly shown while the rider makes their clockwise rotation around the arena. 

    These flags are perfect for rodeos, parades, children's sports events, etc. At the Custom Windsock Company, we are happy to customize your order or help you to amend it to fit your needs. You may design your own flag below or for other sizes or materials, please reach out via the contact us link.  

    Quality and Durability

    • Made of lightweight 115g knitted polyester material
    • Fade Resistant - UV resistant material and inks minimize fading from sun exposure
    • Durable - Waterproof and mold resistant to be effective in all climates 
    • Vibrant Colors - noticeable from long distances
    • Quadruple stitched at fly-end to resist tearing

    Use of Custom Rodeo Flags

    • Used by State Fairs and Rodeos to present sponsors and introduce them to the crowd
    • A great way to show off your city or area's pride and patriotism 
    • Whether on horseback, walking, or stationary, rodeo flags provide a sense of excitement about the event and add to the ambiance of the rodeo
    • Great for youth rodeo events and flag racing, we can customize it to the appropriate size. 

    Why Buy With the Custom Windsock Co.?

    • Flags are available in all sizes and finishing. We offer both double-sided flags and single-sided flags with finishing on the right-hand side for rodeos.
    • Our flags are made fast! We can produce a custom flag within 3 business days. We ship immediately after that so you have your flag in hand quickly. 
    • The more you buy, the more you save! We offer volume discounts!! Check out our rates for volume discounts here!
    • No vectorization or hidden fees. What you see is what you get. 
    • Easy order process. Upload your artwork right on the site and send us special notes.
    • We will take your design, logo, or artwork and digitally print it on high-quality knitted polyester to create the perfect flag for you.  


    Custom Flag Volume Discounts


    Qty 1
    2 to 4
    5 to 9
    10 to 20
    $ 61.95
    $ 33.95
    $ 14.95
    $ 13.95
    $ 62.95
    $ 34.95
    $ 15.95
    $ 14.95
    $ 66.95
    $ 36.95
    $ 18.95
    $ 17.95
    $ 69.95
    $ 41.95
    $ 25.95
    $ 21.95
    $ 76.95
    $ 46.95
    $ 33.95
    $ 27.95
    $ 86.95
    $ 62.95
    $ 44.95
    $ 37.95
    $ 111.95
    $ 82.95
    $ 64.95
    $ 51.95
    $ 119.95
    $ 92.95
    $ 72.95
    $ 59.95
    $ 142.95
    $ 107.95
    $ 88.95
    $ 71.95
    $ 185.95
    $ 156.95
    $ 135.95
    $ 108.95

    Should I get a Single-Sided Flag or a Double-Sided Flag?

    Single reverse flags are the most popular flags. Single reverse flags are printed on one side and the image bleeds through to the reverse. Our flags have 100% bleed through so your flag will look the same on the back and the front in terms of the brightness of colors. 

    Double-sided flags are typically not recommended for flying on a flag pole. Double-sided flags are best when being used as festival flags, rodeos parades, or events.  The extra fabric will make them heavier for the rider holding it and less responsive to natural winds. 

    For more answers to questions, please check out our FAQ page.


    At The Custom Windsock Company, we are happy to customize your order or help you to amend it to fit your needs. For other sizes or materials, please reach out via the contact us link.