Custom Printed Flags


Single reverse flags will have your image on the front of the flag with 100% bleed through of the reverse image on the back side. They are lightweight and recommended for flying outdoors on a flagpole.
Double Sided Flags are made by sewing together two flags with an opaque fabric partition in the middle to separate the two materials. This makes the flags heavier and less responsive to flapping in the wind. We recommend these flags for festivals, protests, parades or other events.

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Custom Printed Flags Description and Features

Custom printed flags are great for any company or individual use. OUr custom printed polyester flags are a completely customizable product that can be made single/reverse or double sided. Our custom flags are sold regularly to companies, municipalities, schools, universities, colleges, and lots of other organizations.

Light and Responsive Custom Printed Flags -   Lightweight flags are imperative at lower heights and lower wind speeds. Our flags are made of knitted polyester and fly well in even the slightest breeze. This is perfect for rodeos, lower flagpoles and low-wind conditions 

High Strength Materials- You can be assured that our custom flags are made with quality materials and are built to last: The body of the flag is made of 130g/ m2 knitted polyester, the header is 450D Oxfords and the grommets are brass

Fade Resistant Custom Flags -  There’s nothing worse than a fading and tattered flag. Our knitted polyester prevents premature fading and is characterized as having "Excellent UV Protection" when independently tested as per BS EN 13758-1:2001

Full Color Printed Custom Flags- Print your logo and text with no color or design limitations!

Should I get a Single-Sided Flag or a Double-Sided Flag?

Single reverse flags are the most popular flags. Single reverse flags are printed on one side and the image bleeds through to the reverse. Our flags have 100% bleed through so your flag will look the same on the back and the front in terms of the vivid colors. 

Double-sided flags are typically not recommended for flying on a flag pole. The extra weight of the flags makes them more prone to wear and tear. Double-sided flags are best when being used as festival flags, rodeos parades, or events.  

Use of Custom Printed Flags

  • Used by several industries as a way to mark their campus or office site
  • Used on work campuses and University Campuses as a place to indicate meeting points, muster points and mark specific areas
  • Used as cheer flags for school sports teams, varsity sports, homecoming games, away games, and so on...
  • Can be used for personal use at a residence or family farms and ranches
  • Outdoor tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, and golf courses
  • Great for boat launches, marinas, cottages, etc. 
  • Can make racing flags, golf flags, or flags for personal use





Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joel B. (Palmetto, US)

Thank you for the fast service and great quality. We will be back for sure. I Highly recommend!

Debbie G. (San Jose, US)

Well made and seams sewn well. I’m hoping it holds up better in the wind than the ones I’ve tried before.

Amy F. (St Louis, US)

Looks amazing


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