American Flag




The U.S. Flag sold here is an outdoor flag that is built to have superior durability and weather resistance in all types of climates. The materials used in the making of this flag are UV treated to be resistant to fading during normal use. 

This flag:

  • Has the best resistance to UV light and is resistant to fading
  • Is made of a very long lasting nylon fabric
  • Lightweight so that it can fly proudly, even in the slightest of breezes
  • Beautiful and vivid colours
  • Comes with ultra-bright embodied stars
  • Colour matched, double-needle stitching at the seams and are back-stitched reinforced
  • Four rows of quadruple high strength lock-stitching at the fly end reduces fraying and extends the flag's life
  • Can be finished with brass grommets or in larger flags, roped heading with galvanized thimble. 
  • Large flags 15'x25' and larger are finished with reinforced corner patches on the fly hem. 


See Our Sizing Chart for more info on the right size flag for your flag pole