Custom printed windsocks for all industries and applications. This category includes everything from heavy duty for commercial application to lightweight for sport and residential use

Non customizable windsocks. This category includes airport orange and orange/white windsocks for commercial application as well as American/International/ State flag windsocks, golf pin and other novelty windsocks

Industrial Vs Variegated Vs Airport Windsock. Whats the Difference?

There are so many kinds of windsocks that, at times, it can get confusing. To make it simple, there are 3 main styles of commercial windsocks:

  • The orange windsock- Used for aviation and general industrial purposes. There are FAA guidelines for these windsocks, if used for aviation purposes.
  • The variegated windsock- White and orange stripes. Used mostly for aviation purposes.  There are FAA guidelines for these windsocks, if used for aviation purposes.
  • Custom Printed windsocks- Printed or silk-screened logos and designs onto windsocks for marketing and functional purposes

For most purposes, windsocks manufactured to FAA standards is not necessary. FAA standards mainly govern windsock sizing (18"x96" and 36"x144") as well as materials and do not allow for custom printing. If you operate an industrial facility,  oil and gas refinery, pipeline or a private hangar or airport, you likely a require multitude of windsock sizes based on the use case rather than just the 2 sizes the FAA specifies. The Custom Windsock Co, uses the same materials and techniques to manufacture all sizes of orange and airport (variegated) windsocks as the 2 FAA regulated sizes. When you purchase from the Custom Windsock Co, you can rest assured that your windsocks, regardless of if they adhere to FAA regulated size, are water resistant, UV resistant and made to the highest quality standards. 


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