Time to get High!

February 17, 2021

Time to get High! - The Custom Windsock Co.


Its about 4:20 PM here and it got me thinking...I should answer some common questions our customers have about the optimal height at which you should place your windsock. 

So...How high should it be? That depends on what you want your windsock to tell you. Is your windsock meant to tell you the wind direction in the event of a chemical or gas leak? or is your windsock mean to tell common traffic on the ground about the wind direction close to ground level? Are you placing your windsock at a construction site in the middle of a bustling downtown where there are a lot of tall buildings? 


The Short answer is put it up high if you want the windsock to indicate wind direction in the event of a gas leak or chemical leak that can be carried and made airborne by wind.

Put it down low if you want the windsock to indicate wind direction for traffic or the general public. It also makes sense to keep it lower to the ground if you have a lot of high buildings close to each other and near by the sock.

Hope you guys found this helpful! Please feel free to leave comments or get in touch with us directly. 

Contact us for a quote or for customer service at 1-833-786-1035 or info@custom-windsocks.com to speak to our customer service representative and rest assured that we will be able to help you.

Photo by Svyatoslav Romanov

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