Heavy-Duty Windsock Sizing

Windsock size is often dictated by your viewing distance and how the windsock will be mounted. Of course, if you already have a frame, your windsock diameter will be set and you only need to choose a length that worlds for you. See our Visibility of Windsocks Guide below for more information

Visibility of orange windsocks from a distance. View the visibility of any sized windsock from 100 yards, 250 yards and 500 yards away.


How to Measure your Existing Windsock

How to measure the diameter of an orange windsock infographic. How to calculate diameter of a windsock

Fitting a Windsock onto Your Double or Extended Hoop Frame

If you have a double or extended hoop frame, you should ensure the replacement windsock you purchase will fit over both the outer and inner hoop of the frame. Every frame manufacturer has a different standard and thus some measuring is required to ensure that your replacement windsock will fit onto your frame. Your two options are:

  1. If you do not have an existing windsock: Measure the diameter of the second hoop as well as the distance from the first hoop to the second hoop. See our visual guide below on which dimensions we require.

How to measure and determine the diameter of an extended windsock frame. Dimensions needed to correctly make a windsock for your double hoop extended windsock frame2. If you do have an existing windsock that fits your frame: Measure diameter of the inlet mouth, the length of the windsock as well as the diameter of the outlet mouth. See our guide above on how to measure a windsock.


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