Custom printed windsocks for all industries and applications. This category includes everything from heavy duty for commercial application to lightweight for sport and residential use

Non customizable windsocks. This category includes airport orange and orange/white windsocks for commercial application as well as American/International/ State flag windsocks, golf pin and other novelty windsocks

How is a Polyknit Flag Made?

How are our Custom Flags and other Polyknit Promotional Windsocks Products Made?

How are our flags created? At The Custom Windsock Company, we are passionate about our products. We strive to source the best fabric and we take great pride in our process.  All of our flags are made with care and quality checked before leaving our premises

4 Steps to Making a High Quality Flag

1. Sourcing

Our flags are made of a knitted polyester fabric that is specially created for the flag industry. It is coated with a UV resistant coating to prevent as much sun damage and fading as possible. 

2. Digital Printing

Our flags are digitally printed on the fabric using a method that results in a 100% bleed through on the reverse side. This means that, unlike competitor products, our flags look the same both forward and backwards in terms of the vibrancy and colour. No matter from where you see the flag, you see it with the same vibrancy and vivid colours. 

Custom flags and promotional windsocks are sent to our digital printing section. When we receive an order for a custom flag or promotional windsock, we work with the customer to understand their needs. Our graphics team finalizes artwork with them and once our customer approves of the proof we send them; we send their customized flag to the printers.

3. Curing

Once a flag’s graphic is printed onto the Polyknit material, whether screen printed or digitally printed, the fabric undergoes a curing process within the machine. All of our Polyknit flags are heat cured after being printed to impregnate the ink within the fabric. Once the flags have been cured, the richness of the colours comes through.

4. Sewing and Finishing

The flag then moves from our curing department to our finishing department where employees sew the flags. Our flags are quadruple stitched at the fly end to ensure we minimize wear and tear from wind damage. We also use a white polyester header so that the flag is reinforced at the header creating a sturdier product. We then sew in either grommets or create a sleeve as per the customer’s request.