Custom Aviation Windsock


Your Frame Existing Type
Single Hoop Frames have only one hoop to which the windsock is secured. You only need to know the diameter of this hoop to purchase your windsock.
Extended frames have two hoops connected to each other by spokes. This allows your windsock's throat to remain open and more responsive to slight wind gusts. You will need to let us know dimensions if you purchase your windsock for an extended frame.

Make Your Own Custom Printed Air Strip or Helipad Windsock Online

Product Description

A windsock is a requirement at air strips, hangers, airports and helipads. We specialize in making custom printed windsocks for your private air strips or hangers or even your skydiving business. The Custom Windsock Company also makes windsocks for atop hospitals, trauma centers and other helipad locations. 

Heavy Duty windsocks require a frame to be attached to. Purchase of the windsock does not include a frame. Please see our our selection of frames here. This is a completely customizable product. We can change the design in multiple ways.

This is the best windsock on the market. Read more on why we carefully choose the best methods of printing and material to make an ideal windsock for you. If you want to know who sells good windsocks or where to buy a windsock that is heavy duty, made for your specific purpose, will be durable, and are long-lasting, look no further.

This is a completely customizable product that is tailor-made for you. We can print any logo or artwork you like on the windsock in full color. No more single-color black logo on an orange sock, you can now print your logo in full color at a fair price. Keep your organization noticed while utilizing the windsock as a tool to land your aircraft safely.

Quality and Durability

  • Made of industrial-strength 600D Polyester material
  • Fade Resistant - UV resistant material and inks minimize fading from sun exposure, keeping your windsock vibrant and visible from the sky above or ground below
  • Flame Retardant - limits the risk of catching fire
  • Durable - Waterproof and mold resistant to be effective in all climates. Meant for consistent outdoor use
  • Long-lasting - reinforced with double stitch to resist tearing in heavy winds
  • Vivid and bright display of logo on windsocks
  • Meeting all the qualifications for small hangers and private air strips

How to Order

It has never been easier to buy your windsocks online. Just choose the method you prefer to make a custom industrial wind cone with The Custom Windsock Company.

Option 1 - Upload your logo or artwork in any format.

Option 2 - Contact Us at 1-833-786-1035 to speak to a real person and we will take care of everything!

Option 3: Use one of our provided templates and design your own windsock

    **Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to print unauthorized reproductions of licensed merchandise. 

    Do you Have a Single Hoop Frame or an Extended Double Hoop Frame?

    Our standard windsocks are made for a single hoop frame. If you have an extended frame, also known as a double hooped frame you will need to provide us with some additional information. See here for more on what you need to provide. 

    Volume Discounts

    There's a reason why your car comes with a spare. You never want to be in a situation where you have a battered and tattered windsock or worse, no windsock at all.

    We offer large discounts for purchasing more than one windsock, make sure all the main points on your site are marked with a windsock and always purchase one for backup just in case! Check out our rates for volume discounts here!

    Custom Windsock Volume Discounts


    Diameter Length Qty 1 Qty 2-4 Qty 5-9 Qty 10 - 20
    6" 24" $104.95 $65.95 $47.95 $43.95
    10" 36" $122.95 $95.95 $65.95 $59.95
    12" 48" $144.95 $113.95 $83.95 $79.95
    13" 56" $144.95 $113.95 $83.95 $79.95
    18" 48" $159.95 $119.95 $95.95 $83.95
    18" 60" $179.95 $139.95 $107.95 $95.95
    18" 72" $209.95 $153.95 $125.95 $107.95
    18" 96" $234.95 $169.95 $143.95 $122.95
    24" 96" $244.95 $199.95 $167.95 $148.95
    36" 144" $389.95 $339.95 $299.95 $289.95



    Diameter Length Qty 1 Qty 2-4 Qty 5-9 Qty 10 - 20
    6" 24" $135.50 $85.50 $61.50 $56.50
    10" 36" $159.50 $124.50 $85.50 $77.50
    12" 48" $187.50 $147.50 $108.50 $103.50
    13" 56" $187.50 $147.50 $108.50 $103.50
    18" 48" $207.50 $155.50 $124.50 $108.50
    18" 60" $233.50 $181.50 $139.50 $124.50
    18" 72" $272.50 $199.50 $163.50 $139.50
    18" 96" $304.50 $220.50 $186.50 $159.50
    24" 96" $317.50 $259.50 $217.50 $193.50
    36" 144" $506.50 $441.50 $389.50 $376.50

    What Size Windsock Should I Get?

    Windsocks are available in all sizes. Our templates lists common sizes, but if you wish to make one to a specific size, we can certainly create one to your specifications. Industrial windsocks correspond to our windsock frame sizes available on the site. The size of the diameter of the mouth of the sock should be the same size as the diameter of the frame. We can customize as you wish so if you are looking for a specifically small windsock or a very large windsock, we can always accommodate your requests. 

    For more answers to questions, please check out our FAQ page

    At the Custom Windsock Company, we are happy to customize your order or help you to amend it to fit your needs. For other sizes or materials, please reach out via the contact us link. 

    If you have questions about returns or shipping, check out our policies by clicking the links. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    lacie halstenson
    Great item

    Product turned out great, wonderful quality.

    Jason Davis

    Custom Aviation Windsock

    V Neils Agather

    Quick Service. Great work product

    Gary Weaver

    Really nice windsock

    Matthew Stephens
    Great quality, but lacking instruction.

    The ordering process was relatively easy (done through the website). The items arrived within only about 10 days of ordering despite being a custom windsock, which I found to be especially quick. The material used for both the windsock and frame were top-quality. My only complaint would be the lack of instructions included on how to attach the windsock to the frame and suggestions on where to buy a mast. While I ended up finding the answer to both through the FAQ portion of the company's site and during an e-mail exchange with an employee, I think it would go a long way to include a small slip of paper in the packaging that explains how to set up the windsock (including recommended depth in ground of mast, diameter of mast based on frame purchased, etc.).


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