Orange Heavy-Duty Windsock - FAA Compliant



Orange Heavy-Duty Windsock - FAA Compliant Description and Features

Our international orange safety windsocks are made of a high quality, long-lasting polyester fabric that is tested in real-word and lab conditions. Perfect for aviation and industrial purposes, our polyester orange windsocks conform and surpass FAA standards for colorfastness for windcones (how long the color lasts in outdoor weather and UV exposure) and tensile strength. Our Orange and White Airport windsocks windsocks are made of Hi-Vis fluorescent 300D polyester that is waterproof fabric and has superior tensile and colorfastness properties. 

Quality Construction- You can be assured that our Hi-Vis orange Windsocks are made with quality materials and are built to last: The body of the windsock is made of 300D polyester, the inlet mouth is constructed with 2 layers of 300D polyester, 1 layer of 450D oxford reinforcement and a gust-protection band to protect against high velocity winds gusts. The windsock is fabricated with 4-line stitching and is finished with brass grommets every 5”.

High Strength Materials: Independent tests on our 300D polyester resulted in 1218 Warp (N) and 1221 Weft (N) tensile strength. What does that mean? It means your windsocks are made of a high-strength fabric that is tested to meet the demands of daily use in extreme conditions

Fade Resistant Orange Windsocks-  Hi-visibility windsocks are of paramount importance. Our 300D polyester prevents premature fading and has been tested in real-word and lab conditions with results showing slow fading under extreme UV radiation.  

Hi-Vis Fluorescent Orange Windsocks- Independent testing of our 300D polyester resulted in a “pass” performance when tested as per EN 471:2003 + A1:2007 High-Visibility Warning Clothing for Professional use. What does this mean? It means our windsocks are made of highly visibility fluorescent materials that allow for maximum visibility.  

Light and Responsive Airport Windsocks-   Lightweight windsocks are imperative to detect slight wind speed and directional changes. Our windsocks are made of a 300D polyester that fly well in even the slightest breeze

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