6 Ways to Care for your Windsock and Prevent Deterioration

April 13, 2021

6 Ways to Care for your Windsock and Prevent Deterioration - The Custom Windsock Co.

6 Things to do to Care for Your Windsock and Prevent Deterioration

We often get questions about how to care for your windsock. They wear and tear from the rain, hail, wind, sun, and snow (if you’re lucky enough to live where it snows). Windsocks take a lot of abuse from the elements. Imagine how you would look if you had to remain outside 24/7 through all the seasons!

What Can I Do To Prevent my Windsock From Degrading?

Here are some things you can do to lessen the wear and tear on the windsocks you own.

  • Keep your windsocks away from any rough surfaces - I'm talking about trees, bushes, branches, building walls, roofs and other things that could tear at the fibers, poke holes through the material or cause more rapid deterioration.
  • Take it down once in a while to examine and fix - If possible, take your knitted polyester windsock down every so often to check for small rips and tears. If small rips can be fixed with a sewing machine or needle and thread before turning into a large tear, the windsock will last you longer
  • Take down when not in use for prolonged periods - To keep windsocks looking vibrant longer, if it is not a safety concern, try to take them down when they are not needed for use and minimize prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • Location, Location, Location - Place windsocks in an area where they are not in direct sunlight to mitigate the risks of sun damage and fading
  • Wash, Clean and Dry your Windsocks - Clean windsocks last longer. Pollutants, micro particles and dust in the air find their way into fabric and cause degradation. You can wash your windsock in mild detergent and allow to hang dry. Do not fold or store your windsock if it is wet. (Do NOT machine wash)
  • Buy a backup and rotate your windsock out on a schedule - Alternating means you will have time to take one down, clean it, sew it and maintain it and both will last you a really long time. Check out our volume discounts to see how much you save when you buy a backup windsocks

Ultimately, windsocks are outdoors all the time, and they take lots of abuse. Be prepared that you will just need to buy one every 9 months to 2 years or buy a few at a time to keep them going.

Contact us for a quote or for customer service at 1-833-786-1035 or info@custom-windsocks.com to speak to our customer service representative and rest assured that we will be able to help you.

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

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