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Golf Pin Flags? Why not a Golf Pin Windsock!

Use of Flags in Golf

Flags have been used in golf to indicate or mark a hole since before 1875! That’s a long time and the reason for this is simple. Flags on a golf course give a visual marker for where the hole is from a distance. This way golfers can use the flag to give them an idea of where to aim their shot and the approximate distance to the hole from where they stand. They can strategize on how to make their shot with the fewest strokes.

Golf Pin Flags are regulation size at 14” x 20”. Flags are not always used as they are not required by the USGA but it is the most common topper for a flagstick. The color of a golf flag on the flagstick tells you the location of the hole on the green.

  • A blue or a yellowflag tells you were the hole, also known as the pin, is, at the back of the green. 
  • White is usually when the hole is in the middle of the green
  • Redis when the pin is at the front of the green

The flag colors can vary from course to course, but different colors help golfers decide on the type of club to use as the changing of a color indicates there is a significant difference in terms of yards to the next pin.

Not all courses use color coding so make sure to check with the pro shop or look carefully at scorecards if you suspect that the courses flags are color coded. The colors can be used to

  1. Mark the location of the flag relative to the center of the green as mentioned above with a color assigned to front, middle and back of the green.


  1. Mark the relative difficulty of the green the hole is cut in.
    1. Some courses mark relative distances to the hard, medium and easy areas of the green on the scorecard and then use the color of the flag to show which part of the green the hole is cut in.

The Custom Windsock Co. has a lot of customers who are avid golfers and who want just a little extra edge when visualizing their strategy to the hole.

Instead of a Golf Pin Flag, We Recommend a Golf Pin Windsock

Why Buy a Golf Pin Windsock with The Custom Windsock Co?

We make them in the same colors as you would find on the course with flags and they indicate the same things, but they give the golfer an added edge. With a Golf Pin Windsock, you can not only visualize how far away your pin is, how difficult the path there will be but also how the windspeed and wind direction will affect your strokes. 

A golfer can use this to understand the windspeed and wind direction at the pin and compare it to where he or she is currently standing on the green. They can then strategize on how to make the hole with the fewest possible strokes because they have information on windspeed, wind direction, distance to the hole and where on the green, in terms of difficulty, the pin lies. 

  • The USGA doesn’t require flags to be attached to flagsticks. Some courses top the sticks with other things such as placement markers, lights or (enter the Custom Windsock Co…) Windsocks!
  • We make our Golf Pin Windsocks from the same material as we would a Golf Pin Flag. They are 100% Fully Customizable and printable in full color. You can use them to mark the pin as well as show off a sponsor’s logo, the club’s branding or whatever else you prefer
  • Golf Pin Windsocks tell you more than a flag. They help golfers visualize their path to the pin with the added strategy of understanding and visualizing distance, windspeed and wind direction.
  • They are a nice giveaway or keepsake after a charity game or a sponsored event.
  • They can be customized to any size and color. For the further pins, you could use a larger size windsock or keep with the regulation size of 20” in length

If you do not wish to keep a windsock off the flagstick, having windsocks on the green and near the pins will help golfers to visualize and strategize on the best path towards the pin. 

It is a great way to display sponsorship logos or the branding of the club itself. 

Let us know if you would like to purchase some colored golf pin windsocks or sponsorship logo windsocks for your golf course, club, charity game, company golf tournament or event etc. We can customize them to show off sponsoring company logos, club branding or yardage from the pin. 

Its easy, just contact us for a quote or for customer service at 1-833-786-1035 or to speak to our customer service representative and rest assured that we will be able to help you.

You can also check out the Windsock here and upload your artwork directly on the site. We will make it and ship it right to you! If you want special golf pin windsocks, do contact us for customized product creation. 

See you on the green!


Photo by Steven Shircliff on Unsplash

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