Custom printed windsocks for all industries and applications. This category includes everything from heavy duty for commercial application to lightweight for sport and residential use

Non customizable windsocks. This category includes airport orange and orange/white windsocks for commercial application as well as American/International/ State flag windsocks, golf pin and other novelty windsocks

Custom Printed Windsocks in UAE and the GCC

The Custom windsocks co is now offering shipping to the UAE and GCC countries! Get your custom printed windsocks for airfields, airports, oil and gas and manufacturing facilities and from the Custom Windsock co. 

Custom printed windsocks can display your company logo, important information like muster points, first aid and muster point locations and more. Our custom heavy duty windsocks are made of 600D PU polyester, this means they are waterproof and stand up to harsh marine and hot weather environments like no other windsock fabric. With over 1000 lbs tensile strength and UV resistance to fading, our custom printed windsocks are made for harsh desert and high humidity weather. 


Custom printed windsock for Qatar oil and gas

Use of windsocks at manufacturing facilities, oil and gas refineries and construction sites are imperative as the use of visual indicators of wind speed and direction contribute to safe operation of commercial facilities. Our windsocks comply with the most stringent specifications for windsocks and windcones according toICAO (Annex 14)/UK CAA and FAA regulations. 

How do you ship Custom Windsocks to the UAE and GCC?

Our custom windsocks are still manufactured at our facility, but we ship out custom printed windsocks to the UAe and GCC via FedEx air or DHL. The windsocks usually arrive within 3-4 days and most areas of the major GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain) are covered. Seehere for a detailed listing of FedEx’s coverage area.Whether your facility is in the KSA, Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Oman, Kuwait or Qatar, you can now get the very best in custom printed windsocks for your facility.


Are there any duties and taxes owing on shipments when the Custom Windsocks are delivered in the UAE ?

This depends on the situation, but customers can expect the UAE government to levy a 5% customs duty on the value of the goods. These rules apply across the boat to all imports.  

How do you handle international returns and exchanges?

 As of right now, only our custom products are available in the UAE. All custom products are subject to ourterms are conditions, which state that no returns or exchanges are permitted for non-defective items. If we have made a mistake in any way (ie your product is defective, or we’ve printed it wrong or we gave you the wrong size) we will fix our mistake for you free of charge 


What kind of customization do you offer?

The Custom windsock so is the only FULL custom windsock manufacturer int he world. We offer a complete custom offering. From large windsocks (we've made windsocks up to 8'x24'), custom designs, sizes custom artwork...we can do it all. In commemoration of our foray into the GCC market we have launched our first ever UAE flag windsock available for purchase online here.

This UAE Flag windsock product gives you an idea that ANY type of printing with ANY colors in possible. All the more, our windsocks are heavy duty and resistant to fading and water proof. You can rest assured that your investment will lat or years to come. 


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