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How to Install a Windsock Frame onto a Pole

Windsocks come in many sizes and shapes but for the most part, they connect quite easily to their frames and onto poles. In this article we’ll go over a few different kinds of windsock frames and how you can connect them onto a pole. 

The first frame we’ll discuss is the windsock frame offered by the Custom Windsock Co Here.

To connect this frame onto a pole or something that you can use for mounting, you’ll need a female/female couple that is threaded ¾ NPT (for 18”, 24” or 36” frames) or ½ NPT (for 6”, 10” or 13” frames). You will also need a male threaded pole (stub) that is  ¾ NPT (usually about 1” OD) or ½ NPT (usually about 3/4” OD) depending on the frame size you have. The male threaded stub pole usually isn't larger than 24” long. Simply screw the frame into the coupler and then the stub pole into the other side of the coupler

Mounting your heavy duty windsocks and frame onto a pole for installation infographic

Other windsock frames are designed such that they can “drop” into a larger diameter pole. The weight of the frame itself will keep the windsock and frame from lifting out of the pole. Usually these types of frames are the double hoop style (extended frames) and quite heavy. To install these it’s quite simple, just find the corresponding size stub pole that has an ID that is the same as the OD of the windsock male stub. Then just drop it in  

Extended windsock frame, double hoop

Once you have your windsock frame on a stub pole, the stub pole might be long enough for you to mount it onto a structure or a wall. This can be done in many ways like hose clamps, C rings, drilling through the stub pole itself or any other way.


banding and clamps for installing windsock frames onto structures


If you are looking to have the windsock stand alone as its own structure, you will likely need another pole that is much thicker (sch. 40,  2 ⅜” to 3 ½” poles are quite popular) to attach to. Another popular type of pole to use is a telescopic flag pole as they are able to go up and down easily. Whatever you choose, be sure that the diameter and wall thickness of the pole is strong enough to handle the load.  Your pole will likely be at least 20’ tall and will need to be installed in the ground. See our article on installing windsock pole foundations here for more info


Installing a windsock frame onto a steel pole

To attach your windsock stub pole onto your larger pole, the best way is to use HD Banding or High Strength hose clamps. This HD banding is used to install all sorts of heavy infrastructure items  like traffic signs, traffic lights and street pole banners.Here is a place where they can be purchased.

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