Let me Frame it This Way - If You Don't Admit, It Won't Fit!

April 22, 2021

Let me Frame it This Way - If You Don't Admit, It Won't Fit! - The Custom Windsock Co.

The Type of Frame Matters When Buying a Windsock. 

Hoop there it is! I am so thrilled with the title of this one if I do say so myself. 

We often get the question why doesn’t my windsock fit my frame? Does it make a difference if my frame is a double hooped frame or a single hoop?

If you have ordered a windsock for your frame and find that, even though you measured and double checked the hoop and sock diameter and the length of the sock, the windsock has trouble getting over the second hoop enough to reach the final hoop of your frame?

This is likely because you purchased a standard windsock made for a single hoop frame vs a double hoop frame.

Windsocks are made differently for single hoop frames than they are for double hoop frames. Its important to make sure you inform the manufacturer of your custom windsock or the supplier of your standard windsock, that you have a double hoop frame.

If you do not inform the supplier of your frame, your windsock will not stretch enough over the first hoop to make it to the second hoop when it is installed.

Order your Windsocks with your Frame/Hardware in Mind

Purchasing a Windsock with No Installed Frame

If you are purchasing windsocks for the first time and you have no frame, then be sure to purchase them together from the same supplier to ensure that there is a fit.

Purchasing a Windsock for a Single Hoop Frame

If you have a single hoop frame, you only need to know the hoop diameter and make sure you purchase a windsock with a hoop and sock diameter of the same length.

See in diagram below

Single Hoop Frame Diagram - The Custom Winsock Co.

Purchasing a Windsock for a Double Hoop Frame

If you have a double hoop frame, you will need to measure and provide the following information to The Custom Windsock Co.

You can provide this information by emailing: info@custom-windocks.com and tell us the following

  1. Name
  2. Make a reference to the artwork you uploaded or attach artwork
  3. Color background you want on your windsock
  4. Hoop Diameter of the 1st Hoop
  5. Hoop Diameter of the 2nd Hoop
  6. Distance between the hoops

See in diagram below

 Double Hooped Windsock Frame Diagram - The Custom Windsock Co.


With this information we will review and determine the best option for creating your custom windsock. We usually increase the size of the tail end to fit over both hoops and voila! In rare cases, we may need to re-work the material and re-sew the windsock using two pieces of fabric. Either way, we will keep you updated on your order as we move along. 

Why are Windsocks for Double Hoop Frames more Expensive?

We generally try to keep costs low and give you the best deal possible, especially when you purchase more than one windsock. We do this by pre-setting our machinery and pre-cutting our fabric before printing to standardized sizes. When creating a windsock that is for a double hoop frame, we have to interrupt our entire production process and re work a lot to custom make not just the print on the windsock but the actual shape of the windsock itself. 

We are happy to work with you on pricing if there is a bulk or high volume order and of course, we will do what we can to ensure our customers are happy with what they've been supplied. 

Contact us for a quote or for customer service at 1-833-989-0313 or info@custom-windsocks.com to speak to our customer service representative and rest assured that we will be able to help you.



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