The Use of Windsocks in Outdoor Sports

March 05, 2021

Pickleball windsocks the custom windsock co

The Use of Windsocks in Outdoor Sports

When playing outdoor sports such as golf, frisbee golf, tennis, badminton, volleyball or pickleball, understanding wind direction and windspeed are essential to making sure you send your ball or frisbee flying in the right direction and at the right angle.

Windsocks on the Golf Course or Driving Range

“When its breezy, swing easy.” This is a common saying on the golf course when its windy, reminding players that the wind can heavily impact the trajectory and distance of their ball. The first rule of playing golf in the wind is to evaluate the strength of the wind.

This is tough to do if you have no tools to help you out. You can try to throw some grass in the air and see how it moves or look at the treetops, but a much easier option is to look at a tool that can give you an accurate picture of the windspeed and direction. Most golf clubs, courses and driving ranges will have a short pole with custom outdoor golf course windsock. Usually it will have the name and logo of a sponsor or the brand of the course or club.

A windsock on the course will easily tell you the windspeed based on how inflated it is and wind direction based on where it is pointing.  Having multiple windsocks across the golf course will also tell the golfer how the wind direction and speed differs from one location to the next on the course, allowing them to play more strategically.

The Use of Windsocks on Outdoor Courts in Racket Sports

Tennis, outdoor badminton and pickleball are also outdoor sports that are heavily affected by windspeed and wind direction. Understanding how the wind can affect your performance on the court will make you a more strategic and versatile player.

Lots of pickleball courts, outdoor badminton courts, outdoor ping-pong tables and outdoor tennis courts will have a windsock somewhere near by that you can look at to determine the windspeed and direction. You will know to swing easy if the wind is on your side or put some force in the shot if the wind is against you. Take notice of the sock before you start your game so you can pick the most strategic place on the court.

When you beat out your opponent, you can thank the Custom Windsock Co. 😉

How do I get a Custom Windsock for my Outdoor Pickleball Court or Tennis Court?

Its easy, just contact 1-833-989-0313 or email for  help with your order. You can also check out the Product here and upload your artwork directly on the site. We will make it and ship it right to you!

Take it Breezy!

Photo by Joan Azeka

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