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Branding your Construction Business with Safety in Mind

The Impact of Wind on Outdoor Work

I recently moved into a house we custom built in a new area. The neighborhood is still developing so over the last few months we have seen numerous workers in the area building houses for eager new residents of the community. They work outside and at a great height when they are doing roofing or laying brick or siding near the top of the houses. The wind can have a notable implication on their work. There is a real but manageable danger that winds can present in construction zones.

Rain, snow and ice and heat are the frequently cited dangers when working outdoors, however, heavy winds can be just as perilous. For instance, just yesterday I witnessed a gust of wind blow a poor worker’s lunch right off his ladder’s shelf and into a muddy puddle. He was relatively lucky as far as safety goes, his co-workers only need to worry about his mood from being hangry but it occurred to me that there were other threats to his safety present as a result of the windspeed that day.

Let’s go through some common hazards presented by windspeeds on site and talk about how we can mitigate the risks of these hazards on location.

6 Common Hazards Presented by High Windspeeds on Site

  1. Strains and sprains: winds can impact the tension you carry in your body as you compensate for the wind factor on your work outdoors. It is common to force your body to do extra work to carry a load when the wind is working against you. This can easily lead to strains on muscles, tendons etc..
  2. Projectiles: be weary of objects being flown around the job site
  3. Slips, trips and falls: Workers may not have steady footing in high winds. There can be decreased visibility if dust is kicked up by winds or your attention is divided because you are vigilant of changes to your surroundings due to the wind.
  4. Eye injuries from tiny particles, flying debris and dust kicked up by winds
  5. Risk of falling objects: equipment, glass or heavy objects being blown from elevated places
  6. Risks from operating heavy equipment in wind:Tip overs are common on heavy equipment when driving in wind, especially on roads in open areas. When working on machinery where lifting equipment is occurring, keep in mind the wind’s impact on your load and the risks it can cause to your load and other areas of the site.

5 Ways you Can Mitigate Risks of Winds on Construction Sites

  1. Stop the job! If winds are posing too high a risk of unpredictable hazards on location, do not work in those conditions. When driving, always remember to ask yourself: “Is this trip necessary?” If not, assess the risk and if you are able to, go when the risks are lessened.
  2. Don’t go after things that have blown away - When working on elevated spaces, do not attempt to reach for objects or catch objects that are carried off by the wind
  3. Timing of operations. Refrain from conducting lifting operations when windspeeds are deemed dangerous
  4. Use PPE – Personal Protective Equipment is your last line of defense on site. Safety glasses, hardhats, goggles and other equipment that can provide some protection against dust, and small projectiles
  5. Use Tools to help you determine windspeed and direction such as a windsock on your construction site.

Making your Brand Synonymous With Safety

Construction sites need windsocks to help workers and visitors determine the risk that windspeeds can have on their operations that day. Construction subcontractors also need a way to brand themselves while on site, so they remain memorable and identifiable on location.

One easy way to mark your place on location and marry your brand with one that is known for safety is to have a custom printed windsock on location.

6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Custom Windsock on your Construction Site

  • A custom windsock is unique, memorable, and affordable
  • A custom windsock shows your brand values the safety of everyone on location
  • A custom windsock is a practical branding tool
  • A custom windsock is a unique identifier of the contractors and employees working on site
  • A custom windsock can be permanently installed on large construction projects or can be used via a telescopic pole that can easily travel with you from location to location
  • Custom windsocks can be used to denote muster points, boundaries, and are a great landmark for construction sites in general so you will always be found.

Windsocks are beneficial for keeping construction sites safe. Understanding windspeed and wind direction will help you plan for which type of work should be performed and when. Keep your site safe and your brand visible by using a custom printed windsock on your construction site!

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Keep safe out there. 


Photo byScott Blake

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