Windsock Frames



Windsock Hardware Product Description

It has never been easier to buy your windsocks and supporting windsock hardware and frames online. Windsock frames are available in 6 sizes and correspond perfectly with the windsocks we sell. There are two types of frames. Machine Bearing Frames for smaller size windsocks and double ball bearing frames for the larger size windsocks.

Machine bearing frames are made from ¼” cold-rolled steel. The frames are zinc plated for a chrome-like finish that will last for a long time. A machined bearing is added which allows the windsock to respond to the slightest wind. To install, you need a 3/4” collar looking up from your mast. This frame is available in three sizes, 6”, 10”, and 13” diameters.

Our newly re-designed double ball bearing frames are manufactured from ¼” cold rolled steel and are made to be very durable and long-lasting. To install, simply take your ¾” collar or female thread looking up and screw the extension rod into the awaiting threads. We offer this frame in 10", 18” and 24” diameters. These frames were recently re-designed to make the ring attachment arms one piece, both top, and bottom. This allows us for a very strong weld on top and overall creating the strongest frame on the market. We then put a black powder coat finish on the frame. This makes it look nicer and makes it a more durable product. 

Windsock frames are available in all sizes. Not sure what size you need? Contact us to inquire.  

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