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Jolly Roger Pirate Lightweight Windsocks 

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Finally a funtional jolly roger pirate windsock! At the Custom Windsock Co, our JOlly Roger Pirate windsocks come in 8 different styles. All lightweight windsocks are highly responsive to wind and requite no additional hardware to fly. It has never been easier to buy a lightweight Jolly Roger Pirate windsock online. 

Don't see the design you're looking for? Contact us and we can create a windsock with your specific design on is. Looking for the Jolly Roger Pirate art on a heavy duty windsock? Order the windsock here and state which version of Jolly Roger Pirate windsock art you would like to use.

Lightweight Jolly Roger Pirate Flag Windsock

Product Description

The lightweight Jolly Roger Pirate windsock is made of a shinny knitted polyester material very similar to what an outdoor flag would be made of. They are also digitally printed in full color with no artwork limitations. This means that you could customize the State windsock if you wish as well

A plastic composite ring is sewn into the mouth of the windsock to keep it open and always in a circular shape. The windsock is finished with grommets and comes complete with rope and steel clip for hanging. 

There is no need to purchase a windsock frame for these light duty windsocks. They attach easily to any type of pole that allows for a clip to attach. This is a completely customizable product. We can change the design in multiple ways. We have several patriotic designs to choose from

Quality and Durability

  • Made of light weight 130g knitted polyester material
  • Fade Resistant - UV resistant material and inks minimize fading from sun exposure
  • Durable - Waterproof and mold resistant to be effective in all climates 
  • Vibrant Colors - noticeable from long distances
  • Double Stitched to resist tearing

Use of Jolly Roger Pirate Lightweight Windsocks

  • Used by several industries as promotional and corporate gifts 
  • Used for advertising purposes as a unique advertising method to promote a particular business or brand
  • Can be used for personal use at a residence, acreage, family farm or ranch
  • Outdoor tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts and golf courses
  • Great for boat launches, marinas, cottages, etc. 

The more you buy, the more you save! We offer volume discounts!! Check out our rates for volume discounts here!

We will take your design, logo or artwork and digitally print it on knitted polyester to create the perfect windsock for you.  

Jolly Roger Pirate Lightweight Windsock Volume Discounts


Diameter Length Qty 1 Qty 2-4 Qty 5-9 Qty 10 - 20
8" 24" $86.95 $65.95 $49.95 $39.95
10" 36" $93.95 $71.95 $57.95 $43.95
12" 48" $111.95 $74.95 $64.95 $49.95


What Size Windsock Should I Get?

Windsocks are available in all sizes. Our product page lists common sizes, but if you wish to make one to a specific size, we can certainly create one to your specifications. Not sure what size you need? Lightweight windsocks do not need a frame and can be made any length you choose. We recommend choosing one of the sizes provided for the diameter of the mouth as it will lower your costs. 

For more answers to questions, please check out our FAQ page


At The Custom Windsock Company, we are happy to customize your order or help you to amend it to fit your needs. For other sizes or materials, please reach out via the contact us link. 

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