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State of Delaware Flag

Size: 24" x 36"

Excellent UV Resistance to Fading

Our flags are printed on 4 oz, UV resistant coated, knitted polyester. All of our inks and UV rated and resist fading

Fast Production and Delivery

Proofs are sent to you in 24-48 hours. Flags are produced 5 days after proof approval. Shipping is normally an additional 5 business days within the US, depending on your location.

Superior Construction

Our flags are printed on 4 oz, highly durable, knitted polyester. They are fabricated with 4-line high strength stitching and brass grommets

Custom Printable

There are no limitations in regards to the number of colors used in your logo.

We turn your low quaily artwork into hi-res printable art FREE OF CHARGE with every order. Upload any file you have and let us do the rest!




    The 1777 Coat of Arms on the Delaware flag consists of a solider and a farmer supporting a shield with  wheat sheaf, an ear of corn and an ox. This represents Delaware's agricultural foundation. A ship in full sail symbolizes Delaware as a maritime state and the blue and buff correspond to the colors of the Revolutionary War uniform. The diamond was added after the flag was adopted in 1913. The date at the bottom of the flag symbolizes that Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. 

    Our state flags are made from 100% high quality knitted Polyester, specially made for flags, is UV resistant and does well in all weather conditions. 

    SIZING for the State of Delaware Flag

    See Our Sizing Chart for more info on the right size flag for your flag pole

    Artwork and Proofing

    Artwork and Proofing for Custom Windsocks and Flags

    At the Custom Windsocks Company we understand that artwork can be a bit of a headache when ordering. Our aim is to take the pain out of ordering such that you can be confident in the product you're getting. 


    FREE Proofs

    For all custom products we provide free proofs. You can rest assured that we won't simply go to production and produce something that you were not expecting. TO speed up the proofing process, add your notes in the "notes" section when ordering.  Tell us what would like to see  ie: "change my logo to red and add the text "ABC" under it".  Important note: This applies only to custom products, not  "personalized" products where you choose our design template and add your name/text.

    Turn your logo into a custom flag or windsock with our free vectorization and proofingTurn your logo into a custom flag or windsock with our free vectorization and proofing


    FREE Vectorization

    We will vectorize your logo for free (and then give you the file!). What does this mean? It means that we will turn your lo-res art into "vector art" which will not pixelate when enlarged for FREE. Oftentimes this is a barrier for many people as they cannot locate their vector file from when their logo was created or they simply just don't have it. No worries, we'll do it for you AND we'll send it to you for future use with us or anyone else you may want to get things printed with for FREE (T-shirts, business cards, promo products...they all need a vector file). We'll even pull your logo off a business card, sign, T-shirt or anything you can get a decent photo of! 


    Turn your logo into a custom flag or windsock with our free vectorization and proofing

    FREE Logo Alteration

    We can manipulate your logo so that it will show up well on your custom windsock or custom flag. This means we can take your stacked logo and turn into a landscape version so it fits well on your product or we may flip your color scheme around such that it shows up well on the windsock or flag. Of course, you can request this or we may take the liberty of doing it and then showing you a couple of options to see if you like it.    


    Flag Sizing

    Deciding on the size of flag you want is really about the desired appearance you want your flag pole to have when it's flying your flag. The sizes below are suggested for the length of flagpole you have installed. 


    Size of Pole

    Standard Flag Sizes

    Outdoor Flag Pole


    36" x 60", 48" x 72"



    60" x 96"



    72" x 120"



    96" x 144"



    10' x 15'



    12' x 18'



    15' x 25'



    20' x 30'



    20' x 38'



    30' x 50'



    30' x 60'

    Indoor Flag Display

    8' 36"x60"

    Angle Wall Mounted

    8' 36"x60"

    Rodeo Flag

    8' 36"x60" (most common), 48"x72"



    There are a few ways you can install your flag onto a pole, most of which depends on how you're going to use it. If you're using it for a rodeo or parade, the materials and tools you need will be different than if you're installing it on a commercial flagpole. At the Custom Windsock Co, we finish our flags either with grommets or a 2" sleeve that is closed on top.

    Custom Rodeo Flags are best Finished with Sleeves 

    Custom printed rodeo flag with sleeve installed onto wooden dowel or pole


    Sleeved flags are generally used for parades and rodeos because

    • They offer a quick, tool-free installation 
    • Any generic pole or dowel can be used (max 1" diameter)
    • The flag is not being exposed to the elements for a long period of time, no need for clips or reinforcements are needed

    Custom Flags for Outdoor Poles are best Finished with Grommets

    Custom printed rodeo flag double sided with fringe installed onto a pole with grommets 

    If you plan to use your flag outdoors for long periods of time, it is best to have your flag finished with grommets as it offers a stronger connection onto your pole.

    Shipping Policy

    Shipping Policy

    *** Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 situation, we are working with fewer staff and shipping may take an additional week

    Get your Windsocks and Flags Online Fast

    • Stock items usually ship within 24-36 hours. You will be notified if a shipment may take longer.
    • Custom printed products are made to order. Standard turn around time to create an order is approximately 5 business days prior to shipping
    • Shipping occurs Monday-Friday 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM MST

    Domestic and International Shipping Costs

    Domestic Shipping Costs

    • All Custom and Rodeo Flags enjoy Free shipping within the USA
    • All windsock products enjoy $15 flat rate shipping within the Continental USA, all other domestic states and territories enjoy $45 flat rate shipping
    • Smaller windsock frames enjoy $25 flat rate shipping within the Continental USA, all other domestic states and territories are shipped at UPS discounted rates
    • Larger windsock frames enjoy $45 flat rate shipping within the Continental USA, all other domestic states and territories are shipped at UPS discounted rates

    International Shipping Costs

    • All Custom and Rodeo Flags enjoy $45 shipping to all international destinations  
    • All windsock products enjoy $45 flat rate shipping to all international destinations
    • Smaller windsock frames enjoy $55 flat rate shipping to Canada, all other international destinations are shipped at UPS discounted rates
    • Larger windsock frames enjoy $85 flat rate shipping to Canada, all other international destinations are shipped at UPS discounted rates


    Note on all international orders: All duties and taxes that may be incurred upon import are the customer's responsibility.  

    Note: Any of the above shipping timings and costs can be changed at any time at the sole descretion of the Custom Windsock Co.

    Delivery Time

    Actual delivery time will vary based on your chosen shipping method. We typically use UPS to get your products to you fast.

    If we are unable to ship your order within the specified time period you will be notified via phone or email of your order status.

    Need Faster Shipping?

    We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer's expectations. We are a flexible organization and can often do very quick turnarounds if needed. For rush Shipping and Printing options please contact us here.

    Refund Policy

    Cancellations, Return and Refund Policy

    Returns of Products with Defects

    At the Custom Windsock Company, we want you to be satisfied when you receive your products. All custom products are tailor made to your specifications but because all the finishing and sewing is either done by hand or by a person with a sewing machine, sometimes there is potential for human error, however minimal. Under normal circumstances, our quality control department would pick up on it but sometimes things slip through and the order is dispatched. You might be wondering, what do I do incase of a manufacturing defect?

    If our products are faulty in any way, you can return them within 14 days of receipt. You can contact our customer service department by calling 1-833-786-1035 or emailing Let us know your name, order number and concern and we will respond quickly to resolve your issues. We ask you provide a digital image of the fault in your product as well as a clear description of the problem.

    In most cases, we will be able to resolve your issue via email. If the fault cannot be verified, you may need to return your product to us for inspection.

    Returns of Non Faulty Products

    With regards to all products, we cannot accept the returns of non-defective products. This is especially true for the products that the user has customized and designed as they have been customized as per the customer request.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    Grace period 

    Sometimes you may purchase a product but quickly decide that you do not wish to go through with the purchase. We wait 1 hour after you place an order to start accommodating for your order within our manufacturing queue. If you contact a representative by phone or email within the first hour then we will be able to cancel your order and issue a refund for the full amount. This hour begins form the moment you receive your confirmation email.

    If you have any questions, doubts, concerns or things you wish to discuss about the product, feel free to give our team a call to address your concerns.

    After Grace Period 

    • If you have purchased a non-personalized/custom pritned item and you wish to return it prior to it shipping from our facility (after the 1 hour grace period has passed), a 25% restocking fee will be charged. Once a product is shipped, it may not be returned. 
    • You do not have the right to return products that are customized (after the one hour grace period), even if they are not produced or shipped yet.
    • In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault, please inform us of the issue, provide pictures and we will be happy to replace your product free of charge.
    • Manufacturer faults cover scratches, misprints, stitching or hemming issues. We, the manufacturer, will decide what falls under manufacturer faults.
    • Complaints or claims must be notified to us within 14 days of receipt of goods or in the case of non-delivery, a reasonable time after the goods were expected to arrive.

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