Choosing a Windsock Frame

Choosing Windsock Hardware

If you are setting up a windsock for the first time, you will need to buy a frame and pole to place it on. Choosing a frame can be a daunting process. First its important to know your sock and hoop diameter. To choose this, its important to know from how far away you would like your windsock to be visible.

For smaller sites where you need to know wind direction closer to the ground such as a firing range, farm, or beach you can use a smaller sock on a lower pole.

For larger sites or sites where there is potential for a chemical or gas leak, its important to put your windsock up high where it is visible from a greater distance. This means the size of the sock will also be bigger.

Use the below chart to help you determine the best sock and hoop diameter for the distance from which you want to see your windsock.

Windsock Diameter

Distance to the Windsock


375 ft – 450 ft


490 ft – 655 ft


660 ft – 820 ft


1150 ft – 1315 ft


1475 ft – 1640 ft


2400 ft – 2625ft


Once you know this, you will be able to choose between a machine bearing frame and a ball bearing frame.

Our machine bearing frames are available for the first three diameters. 6”, 10” and 13”. These are lighter weight, smaller frames.

Our double ball bearing frame is for larger windsocks and available in in 18”, 24”, and 36” diameters. They are a stronger frame and meant for windsocks that are to be seen from 1000 ft or more away.

Another option is to use a cage type frame or an extended windsock frame. Lets talk more about the difference between extended frames and single hoop frames.

Single Hoop Frames

A single hoop frame is a frame that has just one hoop. Like the picture below: 

Single Hoop Frame Diagram - The Custom Winsock Co.


Single hoop frames are quite easy to install and cheaper to purchase. They come in a variety of different styles. The biggest advantage to having a single hoop frame is that purchasing a replacement windsock is a very easy process. You only need to know the hoop diameter and you can rest assured that any windsock with the hoop and sock diameter that matches will be a perfect fit. 

Extended or Double Hooped Frames

Double Hooped Windsock Frame Diagram - The Custom Windsock Co.

An extended frame, cage frame or double hooped frame is a frame that has two hoops connected by spokes. This allows your windsock throat to remain open and ready for any slight wind gust. It also is designed in a way to prevent the windsock from wrapping around the pole if your swivel becomes unresponsive to slight wind. For more information on why a windsock might wrap around a pole, check out this article!

One drawback is that they are more expensive to purchase. Another issue is that there is no standardized extended frame sizing and therefore each extended frame has a different distance between the two hoops. This means buying a replacement windsock can be a bit of a nightmare. You would need to know the distance between the two hoops as well as the diameter of each hoop in order to have a custom windsock sewn to replace your existing one. Otherwise you run the risk of your windsock not fitting over the first hoop to reach the second for installation. For more information on purchasing a windsock for your extended frame. Click here

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