Three Ways to Fix a Mummified Pole and Let your Windsock Fly!

February 17, 2021

Three Ways to Fix a Mummified Pole and Let your Windsock Fly! - The Custom Windsock Co.

Mummified Poles Oh My! How to Stop your Windsock From Wrapping Around your Pole. 

Do you hate it when you look out at your site and see that your windsock is not flying in the wind as it is meant to but instead has found itself giving a big hug to its pole? If you have a problem with your windsock constantly getting wrapped around the pole? You are not alone!

What’s the Cause of a Wrapped Up Windsock?

The main cause of this issue is that the hoop is stiff and does not swivel with ease. Under normal circumstances, a wind gust should first fill the sock with air and then the sock and hoop should swivel in the wind as one unit. If the frame cannot rotate easily, then the hoop will swivel before the sock has a chance to fill with air and cause the windsock to wrap around the hoop.

How Do I Fix My Wrapping Issue? There Are a Few Ways to Fix This Issue.

  1. Check that rotation can happen easily
  2. Choose a windsock with the right length
  3. If possible, choose the right frame

Some more detail is outlined below

First, have someone check your windsock hardware to ensure that the rotation can happen with ease. Sometimes its as easy as WD40 and sometimes it means replacing your hardware. Whatever the case, without a responsive swivel, you will be doomed to have a wrapped windsock and an unsafe site.

Second, make sure you choose a windsock with an appropriate length respective to the sock and hoop diameter. Purchasing a very long windsock might defeat the purpose as it takes more wind to inflate as well as leaving more material to wrap around the pole.

Third and last, if you are in the market for new hardware and you have found you have this wrapping issue then consider purchasing a cage type frame, also known as, an extended windsock frame. This is usually a frame that has two hoops connected by spokes. This allows your windsock throat to remain open and ready for any slight wind gust. It also is designed in a way where wrapping is very unlikely as the part of the sock that can wrap around is positioned very far from the pole itself.

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Photo by Diana Polekhina

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