Tailor-Made Custom Printed Windsock


Your Existing Frame Type
Single Hoop Frames have only one hoop to which the windsock is secured. You only need to know the diameter of this hoop to purchase your windsock.
Extended frames have two hoops connected to each other by spokes. This allows your windsock's throat to remain open and more responsive to slight wind gusts. You will need to let us know dimensions if you purchase your windsock for an extended frame.

Tailor-Made Custom Printed Windsock. The Perfect Windsock

This is the best wind cone or windsock on the market. Period.  Read more on why we carefully choose the best methods of printing and material to make an ideal windsock for you.

This is a completely customizable product that is tailor-made for you. We can print any logo or artwork you like on the windsock in full color. No more single-color black logo on an orange sock, you can now print your logo in full color at a fair price. This product is designed for brands that are looking to use their brand colors for the windsock background or clients that require specific windsock sizing for their particular use case (extended and double hoop frames)

Picture generously provided by Siboney Cellars. Check out our blog on how they use their Tailor Made Custom Printed Windsock at their vineyard

Fade Resistant Custom Printed Windsocks-  Hi-visibility windsocks are of paramount importance. Our 600D PU polyester prevents premature fading and is characterized as having "Excellent UV Protection" when independently tested as per BS EN 13758-1:2001

Waterproof Custom Printed Windsocks-   The use of waterproof fabrics allows for consistent windsock responsiveness, regardless of the weather. Our 600D PU polyester is coated with water proof coating and achieved a hydrostatic pressure test result of 110 mbar when independently tested as per AATCC 127-2008

Flame Resistant Custom Printed Windsocks - Flame resistant windsocks are a requirement for many industrial, oil and gas and other high-heat exposure installation locations. Our 600D PU polyester meets the requirements for Flame Resistant Fabrics when independently tested as per CAN/ULC-S109-2014(R2019)

Drainage Vents - Windsocks are equipped with a drainage vent at the bottom of the windsock to prevent build up of water and the eventual formation of mould within the windsock basket

Full Color Printed Windsocks- Print your logo, personalized text or full custom colored tailor-made windsock with no color limitations.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Miranda B.

Sent them my logo and it turned out beautiful! Quick turn around time !

Johnny g. (Jackson, US)

Tailor-Made Custom Printed Windsock

W.G. (Mount Pleasant, US)
Right on time custom windsock

Like nearly everything I procrastinate, but custom windsocks came through with prompt emails and updates to get my order nocked out in no time. Thank you!

Jerry T. (Santa Ysabel, US)

Awesome product and to work with

Roger H. (Denver, US)

Just what I requested, timely, well packed for shipping, and it flies proudly from my pole.


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